Parent Checklist

    In Your Home:
    • Before you buy a gun, consider less dangerous ways to keep your family and property safe, such as burglar alarms, window locks, dogs, etc.
    • Don't buy a gun unless you have the necessary knowledge to use it safely.
    • Firearms should be stored unloaded and in a locked place.
    • Firearms should be locked up in a place that children cannot reach since children often have trouble telling the difference between a toy gun and a real gun.
    • Bullets should be locked up in a place separate from where guns are secured.
    • Trigger locks can be a helpful additional precaution for unloaded firearms.  They must be applied to an unloaded firearm. 
    • Some locks can be removed in as few as 6 seconds. 
    • If you keep an unlocked gun under your pillow at night, lock it in the morning before you go to work.
    Teach Your Children:
    • Explain to children that guns are dangerous and that they should never touch guns without your permission.
    • Talk to your children about the difference between the violence that they see on television or in the movies and real-life violence, where adults and children really get hurt.
    • Tell your children that if they find a gun anywhere they should not touch it and should leave the area and go tell an adult.  If they are in school and know of other children carrying a handgun they should tell an adult.


    Firearm Tips

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