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Why I Shoot...

I grew up in a small Southeastern Iowa town in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.  As you can imagine firearms in the home were commonplace.  It was a simpler time and firearm vaults were nonexistent - they were just stored in cases in a closet in the basement.  As I grew up, it was not unusual to grab the Winchester 62A pump .22 Short rifle, jump on my bicycle and ride to the city dump to shoot tin cans and rats.  (My older brother has the Winchester I might add and I am jealous.)

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Firearm Tips

  • Gun lubrication

    Tips on Lubrication

    Let's start with what you shouldn't use - WD40 or anything like it. WD-40 is a fine light duty oil and rust penetrator.

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  • Tips on Headspace

    Headspace can be thought of as something like this: The cartridge in your chamber is in a safe with the bolt of the rifle as the door.

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  • Handgun Tips

    Cock the hammer (chamber and magazine empty of course). Without depressing the Grip Safety, pull the trigger. The hammer should NOT...

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Guns N Tacos

Chris Cerino