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Succeeding with the Fundamentals: It’s in the Details

By Michelle and Chris Cerino

The difference between a good shooter and a great shooter is in the details. I’ve said it for years - details in how a shooter understands and applies the fundamentals.

How many times have you heard the coach after a big loss say, “Looks like it’s back to the basics for us?” If those fundamental basics are so important, why do we shun them? We speed past them in order to get to something supposedly “advanced”, and likely to fall apart because our foundation is shoddy.

Details in the fundamentals encompass everything from body positioning to follow-through. Much more than just foot placement, stance includes body weight shift and head position. Grip is more than holding a gun. It is the first means of managing recoil, and assists in driving the sights and sight picture. Trigger management is more than where you place your finger on a trigger. Do you know how grip affects your ability to manage the trigger? The draw or presentation of a pistol or long gun requires economy of motion to be both fast and accurate. And follow-through, is there really time for it in competition or combat?

Research shows as much as 50% loss of skill under stress or at full speed. So don’t pooh- pooh the basics and pay attention to the details. What you should seek is unconscious competence. Action without thought. Exaggerate movements in training so you retain more under stress.

The difference is in the details.

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Michelle Cerino is a competitive shooter, an instructor and a writer for Women’s Outdoor News, Harris Publications, and other outdoor and firearms publications. She can be reached at Chris Cerino is an internationally known firearms instructor and shooting competitor. He trains law enforcement officers, military operators and civilians at





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