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Succeeding with the Fundamentals: Managing Your Trigger



By Michelle and Chris Cerino -


With the variety of triggers out there and the different shooters and hand sizes, any singular trigger finger placement is impossible. Shooters should try a variety of trigger finger placements until finding one that causes the least influence on sight alignment and sight picture. You’ll never truly shoot to your potential applying a one-finger-placement-fits-all weapons trigger squeeze.

Slapping the trigger is a common mistake. Many shooters believe that as soon as your finger touches the trigger, the gun should to go off. You must be able to maintain, and not disturb the sight picture through the trigger press. Begin by taking the slack out of the trigger. Next, come to the pressure wall (that spot where there is resistance on the trigger), and apply steady pressure until the gun goes off. Quickly reset in recoil and repeat: pressure wall, squeeze. When first learning this trigger press you will be slow. Eventually, the trigger finger learns its path, traveling forward less and finding the pressure wall easily.

Learning a successful trigger press takes time. Plenty of dry fire practice will help. With an UNLOADED gun, line up your sights on a white wall, press the trigger and watch for deviation of sight alignment. The goal is to have good sight alignment through the trigger press without any ticks or movements while keeping the front sight in the rear sight notch. You must see the sights when the hammer falls.

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Michelle Cerino is a competitive shooter, an instructor and a writer for Womens Outdoor News, Harris Publications, and other outdoor and firearms publications. She can be reached at Chris Cerino is an internationally known firearms instructor and shooting competitor. He trains law enforcement officers, military operators and civilians at


Chris works with a shooter



Chris works with a shooter, talking to her while helping her feel the slack and then the pressure wall before the shot.

Chris works with a shooter, talking to her while helping her feel the slack and then the pressure wall before the shot.

Chris watches to be sure the student understands how to take the slack out and fire each shot from the pressure wall.

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